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Major Lighting

Major's Mobile Power Distribution Cube impresses by its ruggedness, reliability and the high grade of mobility. These cleverly designed power distributors are first choice for all kind of events i.e. exhibitions, sports events, TV- and film production.

The Mobile Power Distribution Cube devices are made of polyethylene and therefore extremely robust, weather- and aging-resistant. Additionally the protection of e.g. line circuit breakers and RCDs by hinged covers and the stability on uneven surfaces make these distributors very reliable. Due to the compact and lightweight design and the integrated handles they perfectly suit mobile applications. The power distributors are available in four sizes and individually assembled in Major's master workshop according to customer's specifications. Only quality components from manufacturers like Siemens, Mennekes®, Neutrik and Harting are incorporated. Front- and rear covers can be easily removed for service. Stands and creeper dollies are available as an option.

230153Mobile Power Distribution Cube XL, 125A, Out: 12x HAN16E, 6x Schuko
230154Mobile Power Distribution Cube M, CEE 63A to 2x CEE 32A, 3x CEE 16A and 6x Schuko, RCD
230155Mobile Power Distribution Cube S, CEE 32A to CEE 32A, 2x CEE 16A and 12x Schuko, RCD
230158Mobile Power Distribution Cube L, CEE 125A to 2 x CEE 63A, 4 x CEE 32A, 4 x CEE 16A, 9 x Schuko, RCD
  • Professional mobile power distributors for events, exhibitions, sports events, TV- and film production
  • Custom configurations and 4 housing sizes available (XL, L, M, S)
  • Extremely robust, weather proof and reliable
  • Stackable easily and safely
  • Easy to carry
  • Protects integrated connectors and devices
  • "Nightlife" connectors available for an entire black appearance
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