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Major Lighting

Major offers bulk cables for various purposes.

There is multicore and rubber cable, silicone and special cable as well as DMX cable, control lines and special ethernet cable - all matching highest quality demands.

This rubber cable is, for good reason, one type of cable that is a must in this industry. Very flexible for touring use, very robust and of excellent strippability. All qualities that are demanded by professional users. Our high quality rubber cabling can still be laid completely straight, withoutut annoying kinks and waves forming, even after repeated winding and unwinding. At events, they are the most commonly used cables for distributing power and connecting devices. For the construction of everything from safety plug cables to CEE cables, there are various models available to meet a range of requirements. These cables are very robust, extremely flexible, resistant to oil and approved for outdoor use.

210246-1Rubber cable H07RN-F, Titanex, 4x1.5mm², black
210247-1Rubber cable H07RN-F, Titanex, 3 x 4mm², (L+N+PE)
210248-1Rubber cable H07RN-F, Titanex, 5 x 25mm², (3L+N+PE)
210249-1Rubber cable H07RN-F, Titanex, 5 x 10mm², (3L+N+PE)
210216-1Rubber cable H07RN-F, Titanex, 3 x 1.5mm², black
210215-1Rubber cable H07RN-F, Titanex, 3 x 2.5mm²
210208-1Rubber cable H07RN-F, Titanex, 5 x 2.5mm², (16 A, 3L+N+PE)
210209-1Rubber cable H07RN-F, Titanex, 5 x 6mm², (32 A, 3L+N+PE)
210226-1Rubber cable H07RN-F, Titanex, 5 x 16mm², (3L+N+PE)
210227-1Rubber cable H07RN-F, Titanex, 5 x 35mm², (3L+N+PE)
210258-1Rubber cable H07RN-F, Titanex, 1 x 120mm²
210246Rubber cable H07RN-F, 4 x 1.5mm²
210245Rubber cable H07RN-F, 5 x 1.5mm²
210228Rubber cable H07RN-F, 18 x 2.5mm²
210218Rubber cable H07RN-F, 3 x 6mm², (32 A, L+N+PE)
210214Rubber cable H07RN-F, 5 x 10mm², (63 A, 3L+N+PE)
  • Bulk cable
  • Highly stressable
  • High-temperature resistant
  • Road proven
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