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Major Lighting

Major offers bulk cables for various purposes.

There is multicore and rubber cable, silicone and special cable as well as DMX cable, control lines and special ethernet cable - all matching highest quality demands.

Multicore power cables are used for industrial applications and on stage in situations where considerable flexibility is required simultaneously with the ability to cope with normal and mechanical loads. These cables are therefore put to use as load multicore cables at many rental firms. Labeled single conductors facilitate assembling.

210305Multicore power cable, 7 x 6mm², grey
210221Multicore power cable, 25 x 1.5mm², grey
210254Multicore power cable, 18 x 2.5mm², grey,
210204Multicore power cable, 18 x 1.5mm², grey
210206Multicore power cable, 14 x 2.5mm², black
210202Multicore power cable, 14 x 2.5mm², grey
210252Multicore power cable, 14 x 1.5mm², black
210303Multicore power cable, 14 x 1.5mm², grey
210222Multicore power cable, 12 x 1.5mm², grey
210220Multicore power cable, 12 x 0.5mm², grey
210223Multicore power cable, 7 x 4mm², grey
210201Multicore power cable, 7 x 1.0mm², grey
210219Multicore power cable, 2 x 0.5mm², grey
  • Bulk cable
  • Highly stressable
  • High-temperature resistant
  • Road proven
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