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Major Lighting

Major network cables use buckle resistant and hard wearing ethernet cable which does not form kinks even after being used multiple times.

The cable coating is particular strong and highly flexible. The cable is also tear-resistant and can accommodate high mechanical loads.

210639etherCON cable, road version, cat5, 0.5m
210640etherCON cable, road version, cat5, 1m
210641etherCON cable, road version, cat5, 2.5m
210642etherCON cable, road version, cat5, 5m
210643etherCON cable, road version, cat5, 10m
210644etherCON cable, road version, cat5, 15m
210645etherCON cable, road version, cat5, 25m
210646etherCON cable, road version, cat5, 50m
  • Resistant to twisting and trampling
  • Ultra flexible conductors, twisted in pairs
  • Fine-wired, braided shield
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Technical specifications for Art.-No.: 210639
length0.5 m