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Major Lighting

Major offers bulk cables for various purposes.

There is multicore and rubber cable, silicone and special cable as well as DMX cable, control lines and special ethernet cable - all matching highest quality demands.

Major offers various control lines for digital and analog applications. The cables are of low capacitance, treadable and have proven themselves in manifold applications.

210211Control line, LIYY, 8 x 0,14mm², unshielded
210210-1Control line, 2 x 0.22mm², shielded
210260Control line, 4 x 0,25mm², shielded
210213Control line, LIYCY, 6 x 0,25mm², shielded
210261Control line, 8 x 0,25mm², shielded
  • Bulk cable
  • Highly stressable
  • High-temperature resistant
  • Road proven
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