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Major Lighting

Colour sequence: 0, 9, 15, 317, 65, 19, 68, 21, 370, 26, 312, 371, 49, 79, 58, 339, 95, 56, 382, 90 (ROSCO Supergel)
A further 500 string variants are available on request. In addition to standard lengths and configurations, we can also provide mixed configurations as well as variable numbers of colours. We also provide mounting kits for various string receptacles from a range of manufacturers.

Major is the only company in Germany to offer a comprehensive range of own-produced colour strings for colour changers all established brands. Our specialists have many years of experience and focus entirely on the production of colour strings. In addition to standard strings, the range is also tailored in particular to individual customer requests. You can choose: standard lengths and fittings, mixed configurations or variable numbers of colours - your particular request will be realised quickly and flexibly, and will benefit from top quality processing. We in particular work with Rosco filter products, but other well known products are also available.

069801Colour string standard, 20 colours, for 6" PRO/PRO2 colour changers
069802Colour string standard, 20 colours, for 8" PRO/PRO2 colour changers
069803Colour string standard, 20 colours, for 12" PRO/PRO2 colour changers
069804Colour string standard, 20 colours, for 15" PRO/PRO2 colour changers
069805Colour string standard, 20 colours, for 8-Lite PRO/PRO2 colour changers
  • Colour string material: ROSCO Supergel
  • Standard colour string with 20 colours
  • Custom made colour strings on request
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